International Symposium and Media Art Exhibition

on the current state and future of letters in motion

in art, design and space.




Mainz, Germany

MOTYF2016 Festival Opening

International Symposium and Media Art Exhibition

24 Nov, 2016



z zg — Zentrum Zeitbasierte Gestaltung

Hochschule Mainz, IMG

HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd

Polish-Japanese Academy

of Information Technology

International Symposium

‘Moving Types – Gutenberg goes Media.’

25 Nov, 2016


Media Art Exhibition

‘Akademos. A Place for Poets and Philosophers.’

24 Nov, 2016 – 08 Jan, 2017



Future Type Lab

23, 24 and 26 Nov, 2016


MOTYF 2016

International Moving Type Festival


International Moving

Type Festival


Festival Opening

24, Nov 2016


Mainz, Germany

Third MOTYF Festival

24 and 25 November 2016 sees the third international MOTYF festival on the current state of, and future outlook for, moving type in our present age. Under the title ‘MOVING TYPES – Gutenberg Goes Media’, the phenomenon of the dynamic type and its added value compared to its static counterpart in an increasingly multimedia and convergent world is in focus. Typography is becoming more and more omnipresent, and its function has changed from that of purely conveying information to that of an interpersonal protagonist: in its surface area, in space, in time and in self-organizing network structures.


Debate and Discourse

MOTYF will promote debate and discourse on current developments in the area of digital design, as well as presenting and critically discussing the status quo and future perspectives. The symposium is complemented by active program elements such as an especially distinguished media art exhibition, numerous hotspots and workshops and countless ‘best practice’ and artistic examples – a future lab of the very best…


Symbolic Location

The event will be held at the Gutenberg Museum Mainz – the symbolic location for the history of printing, writing and books.

Moreover this location will host the media art exhibition ‘Akademos – A Place for Poets and Philosophers’, comprising media work from the young up-and-coming generation of artists, its presence will be felt far beyond this festival…


MOTYF is a joint brand of MOVING TYPES and the polish partner Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technologies, which already successfully organised two festivals in Warsaw in 2013 and 2014.



Moving Types – Gutenberg goes Media

International Symposium

Moving Types – Gutenberg goes Media.


25 Nov, 2016, 9 am – 7 pm


Mainz, Germany


Symposium Language German and English



Yara Hoffmann

Future Perspectives for Dynamic Letters

The symposium is the central component of the MOTYF2016 festival. Under the title ‘MOVING TYPES – Gutenberg goes Media’, the focus is on the presentation of words and letters in motion also in increasingly convergent media and space. Set against this background, leading figures from the media world and creative and design industries, from all over the world, will report on and discuss the status quo and also future perspectives for the dynamic letters in film, advertising, space and the internet. The symposium is aimed at the general public as well as aspiring and media creatives, professional designers, journalists and publishers, students and graduates who use sign systems and digital technologies as their creative tools, and who regard these as being an important component of their value creation chain.


International Guests

In around a dozen talks and hotspots, the renowned national and international guests will consider the topic on the basis of its creative, historical, academic and technical aspects.


The Aim

The aim of the symposium is to address the question of the future of moving type and interactive, networked and mobile design parameters where technology, design and information interact.



Festival Opening                    



7:15 pm

Dr. Annette Ludwig

(Director Gutenberg-Museum)


7 pm

Prof. Dr. Muth

President Hochschule Mainz


7:30 pm

Prof. Anja Stöffler,

Prof. Ralf Dringenberg

Reloaded Moving Types.

Poesie and Lyrics in Motion.


Prof. Ewa Satalecka

Story about MOTYF




Tilman Baumgärtel (D)

Jan Kubasiewicz (US)

Welcome and Lyric in Motion with Anja Stöffler and Ralf Dringeberg.

Story about Motyf: Ewa Satalecka.


At the Beginning … Kinetic Typography and when letters start acting.


Text and Time:
A Brief and Idiosyncratic History of Audiovisuality













Foto: Albrecht Fuchs

Jochen Huber (CH)

Hilary Kenna (IRL)

Mike Meiré (D)

Situtated Moving Types:

Beyond the 2D Screen

Designing the Future Reading Experience (RX)


Crossmedia: Print and AR.

Cutting Edge from KENZO to GARAGE



Markus Dömer (D)

Brian Lucid (NZ)

Ludovic Houplain (F)

LeYo! static books - digitally enhanced.

The Multi-Dimensional Interface: Movement and Metaphor in User Interface Design.




Brody Neuenschwander (BE)

David Brüll (D)

Hans-Jörg Pochmann (D)

Writing for the Camera:

A few remarks on issues of the design and legibility of writing in motion

Lecture Performance VVVV


Literaturwurst 2.0 / or:
inscriptions of first and second order.

Tickets Symposium



On 24 and 25 Nov 2016, as part of the accompanying programme running

during the MOTYF2016 festival, there will be hotspots, performances, lecture programming and real-time visualisations in the museum’s courtyard and on its facades.



Florian Egermann

Intervention, Ongoing Project

‘The Messenger Project’ is an ongoing series of performances at Media Arts Festivals. He employs the role of a messenger and provides paper, pens, envelopes and custom designed stamps to the visitors. They are invited to address their letters to anybody (or anything) within the festival grounds. Florian delivers the letter in person

Paint with your Voice

Benjamin Böhm

in cooperation with the Institute for Media Design, Mainz. STIMMMALER is an interactive installation. Visitors are able to write and paint with their own voice. Pitch and volume determine the colour and appearance of a virtual paintbrush.


Media Exhibition

Akademos. A Place for Poets and Philosophers.


Media  Art Exhibition

Akademos. A Place for Poets and Philosophers.

Exhibition Dates


24 Nov, 2016 -

08 Jan, 2017


Mainz, Germany




13 Sep, 2016
Façade Projection



Warsaw, Poland

NInA - National Audiovisual Institute


ATypI Conference

New Aesthetics and Techniques

A second central component of the festival is the international media art exhibition ‘Akademos. A Place for Poets and Philosophers’, which features the media work of young up-and-coming artists. The project will provide insights into new aesthetics and techniques, as well as current trends, and also seeks to be an innovator within the context of these media happenings.


Work of Young Up-and-Coming Artists

Its focus is the presentation of artistic positions and textual interpretations of lyricism, poetry and philosophy in space, time and interaction, including interactive, experimental and spatial works. The chosen works will therefore make it possible to directly experience the essence of international image and typographical culture in visual, acoustic and haptic terms. Practical and artistic works, spanning poetry clips, experimental pieces and right up to installations will all be screened in the open-air cinema.


The Aim

The aim of the exhibition is to promote discourse between young, innovative talents and experienced media artists. ‘Akademos’ was inspired by the ancient ‘academos’ (academic schools) – places where philosophers and thinkers would come together for debate and learning.

‘Akademos’ was conceived as a touring exhibition, which will be presented to the public at various European locations. The exhibition is already confirmed for the Gutenberg Museum Mainz and will be shown on the facade of NInA (National Audiovisual Institute) parallel to the international ATypI (Association Typographique Internationale) conference in the evening of the 13th September 2016 in Warsaw.


The exhibition is curated and organised by Anja Stöffler (University of Applied Sciences Mainz/DE), Ralf Dringenberg (Schwäbisch Gmünd University of Design/DE) and Ewa Satalecka (Polish-Japanese Institute Warsaw/PL).


If you have any questions, please contact us at


Call for Entries

Be a part of

‘Akademos. A Place for Poets and Philosophers’

in Mainz and Warsaw!


We call on up-and-coming designers

all over the world to submit work

Either in their country‘s respective language or in English; from analogue to

digital, generative or interactive, and by all means also with spatial elements.

The works will therefore make it possible to directly experience the essence

of international image and typographical culture in visual, acoustic and hap-tic terms.

The following can be submitted

Artistic, experimental and practical works such as poetry clips, video clips,

MOOCs, explanatory pieces, spatial installations, interactive works like hybrid books and apps etc. that deal with the written word in motion and the presentation of poetical, lyrical and philosophical texts. And in accordance with the essence of philosophy, there are no boundaries in terms of thought, inspiration or creativity!


Selection procedure

From the works submitted, the international team of curators will select finalists for the media exhibition and film matinee. The selected works will be announced at the latest by the end of August 2016.





Accompanying program running during the Media Art Exhibition in Mainz

Film Matinee:
‘Best of MOTYF2016’

Jan, 2017

Selected works will be shown on a

big screen. Location: The Gutenberg

Museum‘s cinema.


Lyrical Event


14 Dec, 2016, 7 pm

Lyrical evening event with moving words in language and images. In cooperation with Künstlerhaus Edenkoben and their scholars.

Rike Scheffler and Manuel Niedermeier.

Artistic Directors: Hans Thill,  Anja Stöffler


Future Type Lab



Future Type Lab


23, 24 and 26 Nov, 2016

From Calligraphy, Motion Graphics
and Augmented Reality Solutions

MOTYF2016 wants to be more than an exclusive cluster of academics.

The symposium and art exhibition will be complemented by numerous other

events, both practical and artistic, which will bring the subject matter to life. More than 300 students and interested parties will be able to take part in follow-up workshops spanning calligraphy to motion graphics.


These will run during the period the exhibition is open, and will contribute to further sustainability. With Brody Neuenschwander (Belgium), Brian Lucid (New Zealand), Adam Cooke (United Kingdom) and many more.




Adam Cooke

Hilary Kenna


Brian Lucid




Eleni Martini

Aspassia Voudouris

Brody Neuenschwander




23 - 24 Nov, 10 am - 3 pm

26 Nov, 9 am - 6 pm

Franz Werner

Ewa Satalecka

Marcin Wichrowski